GOOGLE nominated for Big Brother award!

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at
Wed Feb 26 09:33:12 MST 2003

 >1. Google's immortal cookie:
 >Anytime you land on a
 >Google page, you get a Google cookie if you don't already have one.
 >If you have one, they read and record your unique ID number.

Ooh, cookies... scary. When cookies first appeared, there were a few
months when computer security/privacy types were worried about them.
Eventually, everyone realized that almost nothing sinister can be done
with them, save for exploiting any security bugs in IE that pop up all
the time. Anyway, the media never really caught on, and still warns
people about their evils to this day.

 >7. Google's cache copy is illegal:
 >The only way a webmaster can avoid having his site cached
 >on Google is to put a "noarchive" meta in the header of every page
 >on his site.

If the implication that the "only way" to avoid being cached is to add a
metatag is somehow too hard, I'm not understanding. Almost everybody in
the world wants it, except commecial sites who don't to lose any ad
revenue, or otherwise hate to compromise their intellectual property. I
don't see why we should be concerned about them.

 >8. Google is not your friend:
 >Young, stupid script kiddies and many bloggers still think Google
 >is "way kool," so by now Google enjoys a 75 percent monopoly for
 >all external referrals to most websites.

The above should be enough for anybody to ignore the whole article. I
fail to see how anyone can confuse "script kiddies" with "the almost
100% unanamous agreement of the entire tech community." Fact of the
matter is, Google is seen as about the only search engine out there that
keeps a clean slate, that plays well with the tech community, that
doesnt sell higher search ratings for money, and such.

As someone else said, I'm not in the habit of defending big
corporations, but this article is simply erronous and contains few
traces or truth.

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