Hawks & Doves - Bush & Chirac the same side

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at virgin.net
Wed Feb 26 12:32:10 MST 2003

I still keep an eye upon what the Füredi-ites are up to, as I was once a
supporter of Frank Füredi's organisation, and am one of the half-a-dozen
RCPers (out of 500 or so members or supporters) who is still a Marxist. The
thing to do is go to their Spiked website -- http://www.spiked-online.com --
take a note of the names of the authors, then do a Google search, then
observe the organisations and publications for whom they are working, and
the people with whom they are associated. You'll find that many of them are
big-business think-tanks, often with anti-regulation, free-market outlooks.
They have replaced the Marxist attitude towards 'progress' with a completely
technocratic attitude worthy of an evangelical Victorian engineer -- which,
funnily enough -- coincides with the interests of big business.

Not everything the ex-RCPers say is nonsense, but where there is sense in
what they say, they almost invariably show the old RCP trait of taking an
originally sensible position, and then bending it reductio ad absurdum --
and then slagging off everyone who doesn't agree with them. The content
changes, the form stays the same -- that's dialectics, I guess.

Paul F

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