Israel's Role [Re: Israel and the US War on Iraq: A Lethal Warning to US ClientStates: Behave or Else]

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o Israel's role as a militarized conquering nation is more securely
guaranteed by Washington waging war - true indeed. But how does
this secure America's own imperialist role? As an imperialist
power, the US has installed friendly regimes in the Arab oil-
producing and non-oil producing countries, containing a quarter
billion people of the same religion and common ethnicity. How
does supporting a country of six million, with no oil, which holds
openly racist policies towards Arabs, guarantee the security of
American oil? Again, the historical reasons no longer apply-
nationalism and the USSR are dead. It doesn't appearcredible that
Israel's military power is anything more than a liability to America
controlling the oil flow in the Middle East.>>>>>

 You are absolutely right. It doesn't. The U.S. would have benifited
far more from, say, a settler elite of Muslim or Arabic speaking
people policing the area. This "Israel is our ally" argument also
negates the role that the American ZIonist lobby plays in steering
U.S. mid east policy in Israel's favour. You can't reduce the billions
in grants provided to Israel yearly -- the highests of any U.S. foreign
aid recipient -- to the Israel-is-our-ally argument..

 Perhaps next to the US and China, Israel is the most militarized
state in the world. I'm sure it's per capita (and absolute) spending
on military equipment outdoes of all its regional rivals combined.
Egypt also receives a significant amount of US. "aid", but I'm pretty
sure most of it goes towards neo-liberal restructuring pograms.
U>S advisors also manage (or watch closely  how ) the loans are
spent. With Israel,  no such advisors exist.

 Israel doesn't need billlions of dollars in the military aid to maintain
its supremacy over the region. It could morever continue to exploit
Palestinian labour in a presence of a Palestinian state, and if got
out of the territories, it would sure as h*** improve it's image in the
eyes of the Arab masses.


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