Timor chickens home to roost

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 27 01:36:10 MST 2003

He goes on to quote a Kosovar as saying "I
> felt liberated when I saw NATO bombs falling." And much more.

Just a point: Kosovar was a term popularized by the bourgeois
press during the bombing campaign against Yugo. It suggests that
since the province,"Kosovo", is inhabited by "Kosovars" (which is
another term for Albanians) then it they who are the indigenous
group of the land, and that the other groups (Serbs et al) are the
settlers. For example, you would never  hear the media refer to the
Serbs of Kosovo as "Kosovar Serbs", but as simply Serbs, and the
Romas of Kosovo would be branded with the racist and
exclusionary term "Gypsies", whereas the Albanians would be cast
as: Kosovar Albanians. The term is meant to justify the expulsion
of the province's minorities at the hands of the fascists Albanian
groups and the expropriation of the land by the western imperialists
vis-a-vis NATO.

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