Timor chickens home to roost

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Feb 27 03:44:10 MST 2003

>>Ramos Horta's analysis is rubbish, and for us to give it credibility in
order to bash fellow Marxists is simply to use the same tricks as
warmongers use to bash opponents of the war.<<

Yes it's rubbish, but it SEEMS credible because of the East Timor
intervention. I said "seeming credibility"; go back and look.

>>East Timor was an absolute disgrace from start to finish<<

Very true, strange you should say it though.

>>even now we do not find the "humanitarians" crowing about their success

They crow about it all the time. And I have just pointed you to an article
where Ramos Horta backs them up.

>>It was only when the IMF-induced disintegration of order in Indonesia
reached such a stage that the Timor bloodbath reached an unprecedented
crescendo that ... independence was restored to the people of East Timor.<<

There is a grain of truth in this. Until the 1998 crisis, the Australian
ruling class relied on Suharto. After that, they decided a direct
Australian intervention was needed to stabilise East Timor.

>>Howard had to be dragged kicking and screaming into agreeing the

Come now, he loved it. As well he might, given he surged in the polls. He
had Shirley Shackleton praising him at the biggest of the rallies - I heard
it with my own ears. And now he is milking it for all he's worth. Watching
the coverage of the government's new military doctrine last night, which
emphasizes "peacekeeping" troops and the like, I noticed they did not miss
an opportunity to refer to East Timor.

>>The NATO campaign was in direct contravention of the UN and international
law, while the liberation of East Timor was in fact a long-awaited
enforcement of UN resolutions ...<<

Now you are legitimising the UN. This is perversely logical; one
imperialist force is as good as another. And if the UN resolves to make war
on Iraq?

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