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Paddy Apling wrote:
> There's been a deal of reference to Furedi (first of all in reference to
> Mike Hume of the Times).  Can someone tell me who (or what) Furedi is (or
> was)?

Frank Furedi is a sociology professor at U. of Kent of Hungarian Jewish
origin who was a leader of a group called the Revolutionary Communist
Party that put out a magazine called Living Marxism. The group itself is
an offshoot of Tony Cliff's Socialist Workers Party.

In the 1990s the magazine changed its name to LM, although you could
have seen Living Marxism in small print up to a point. It finally broke
with Marxism about 5 years ago or so. A May 15, 1999 Guardian article on
the group captured Furedi's drift, which has only deepened over the past
4 years:

"Furedi's narrow shared office is at the top of a concrete staircase in
an outlying building of the University of Kent campus. The porters
downstairs do not all seem to know him, but he has been teaching at
Canterbury 'since the 70s'. His main area of study is 'interpersonal
relations', he says, in his quick, east European English, 'and the way
they have become formalised, subject to outside pressures . . .' He
reaches for a catchphrase. 'The growth of puritanism.' Furedi's
preferred reading is American, mainly liberal-bashing or libertarian
magazines such as New Republic and Reason. The modern left, he says,
'has become very dumb . . . If anything, there are a few people on the
right who are asking questions.' He says state regulation is 'even
worse' than the free market. Instead, he believes in 'human potential'
and 'maximum freedom'."


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