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Thu Feb 27 07:30:43 MST 2003

Freedom Road's origins were with a split in the Revolutionary Communist
Party (RCP) back at the time of the death of Mao and the arrest of the "Gang
of Four".  The majority with Bob Avakian at the helm supported the Gang of
Four.  A substantial group, led by Micky Jarvis from NYC and Leibel Bergman
from the West coast (a former 1950s CP leader in Northern California and an
Abraham Lincoln Brigade member whose pedigree enabled the RCP to claim that
it had the "anti-revisionist" mantle),  formed the "Revolutionary Workers
Headquarters" and maintained support for the new, and as it turned out, very
transitory leadership in China under Hua Kuofeng.  They also accused Avakian
et al of ultra-leftism in the working class organizing efforts of the RCP.
(Avakian validated this critique subsequently wrecking those efforts
wholesale through the Weatheresque escapades of May Day 1980 -- including in
West Virginia where I was located at the time and where the RCP had sunk
roots among the coal miners.)  The split came down geographically.  In the
NYC area, practically everybody went with the RWH, and the RCP moved in
folks from other parts of the country to try to take it back over.  Avakian
and his supporters were able to retain most of the original Revolutionary
Union base area in the Bay Area. My direct personal knowledge ceased shortly
thereafter.  However, one can see from a curious, detailed genealogical
chart that is posted on Freedom Road's Web site that there were further
mergers and splits.  I'm glad to hear that Freedom Road, or at least one
faction of it, considers itself to be part of the broad regroupment efforts.


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