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Re: The shit thickens (and of course, the chickens shit)

A couple of days ago I posted a piece on 150 green berets arriving in
Colombia. That story was front page headlnies in all the daily
newspapres of this country, on the national radio and television
networks (RCN and Caracol) and other media outlets.

The source of all the stories was the US embassy in Bogota, supported by
the Ministry fo Defense and the presidential spokesperson in Colombia.

Yesterday the story changed.

The TV news was - on both national networks - was shortened from one
hour to a half an hour with no explanation. A lot of sports, fashion,
and fluff. No political or war news.

The next day the newspaper, TV, and radio all fell into line. Nope, no
150 green berets. Only a small extra ration of US troops as part of the
normal plan Colombia  rotation. The excess over the limit of 400 troops
is only 11, and this was duly and legallly reported to the US Congress
by Mr. Bush as an emergency requirment due to the capture of the as yet
still unidentify American citizens.

The NYT printed its story in this spirit, pooh-poohing Colombian media
reports of the 150 green berets.

What is really going on is anyone's guess.

The press here says that there are more than 4,000 Colombian soldiers
searching for the three captured US citizens.

Exactly what those three people were doing, or even who they are, and
who they were working for, is still not known.

The FARC, which has posted some news about these events on the internet,
says they have the three people in question. They furthermore state that
they can not guarantee their safety while miliary activit is being
carried on to find them. The FARC says the three will be traded in a
prisoner exchange along with others they hold in custody - if and when
such an exchange takes place.

The State Department spokesperson for Latin America says they will
either be liberated or rescued (he didn't say die, although that is a
distinct possibility), but they will not be part of any prisoner exchange.

Meanwhile, the Colombian embassy in Caracas was blown up, and a lot of
other shit is happening.

Oh, and about M-60s. Bon moun (Stan?) is right, and I was wrong,. I got
that info from the radio. I am not sure if they were talking about M-60
machine guns, or some kind of M- ? grenade launcher. They talked about
both M-60's and grenade launchers. Is there an M-something grenade launcher?

All the best, Anthony


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