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You're in a very gray space with the troops.  Administratively gray and otherwise.  There is almost certainly a lot of turf battling going on.  Is this Southcom's, is it Milgroup's, is it directly now under the National Command Authority aligned over the Joint Special Operations Command, or is it DoD contractors?  Who the hell knows?  Rumsfeld has kicked over a lot of pails at DoD, and the Joint Chiefs are together in thinking he's an asshole - even as inter-service and inter-departmental rivalries abound.  The "green berets", that is, Special Forces, are theones with long stnading raltionships in the Colombina armed forces, but their role is generally advisory... they run the training courses for them.  If "hostages" (such bullshit, they were combatants from Dyncorp I imagine, which means they do and don't have POW status...) are involved, then Delta, possibly augmented by Seal Team 6 are the folk to watch for.  They can come in under Congressional oversight, or not... depending onwhether they are given official covers as non-military.  They'd like the mystique to prevail that this is just soooo James Bond, but behind it all there is a lot of plain old Peter Principle involved.  How and why a particualr appearance bubbles to the surface in the mass media is nayone's guess.

Grenade launchers, at least a couple of years ago, camein the archaic M-79 variety, or the over-and-under combination with the M-16 (Now M-4), called an M-203.  Kind of a big 40mm shotgun thang.

Cheers all.

Looks like someone got one of the shiny new Blackhawks too.

Que lastima.

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