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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Feb 27 13:25:06 MST 2003

Richard Harris wrote:
> I gave out
> leaflets on 15th February in London with an Iraqi exile - he had escaped
> from the savagery of the Hussein regime.  Do we really want to defend the
> state or national bourgeoise anywhere as allies?

I don't know about defending the state as an end in itself. We are for a
classless society, the abolition of the state, private property and the
bourgeois family. (And while we are at it, I favor getting rid of
cellphones, canned laughter and those idiotic comb-overs that some
balding men favor--let them get a proper buzzcut like mine.)

But we certainly are for defending the state of Iraq against the state
of the USA. This is a class question. If the USA triumphs, the working
class in Iraq, Kurd territory and elsewhere will be set back. In order
to achieve that wonderful communist society of the future, we must
progress along a road of victories. To forestall a US victory in the
Gulf region would help our cause.

In any case, I assume that you wouldn't march around with a sign saying
something like "Down with the USA and Down with Iraq", although having
lived through the sixties I must say that I will never figure out how
some Marxists see the world--including perhaps you.


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