cross-posting to marxmail

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu Feb 27 13:35:27 MST 2003

there has been an increase in the number of cross-post bounces in the
last several weeks. by that i mean, marxmail subscribers who post to
marxmail AND to other lists and individuals: when people on THOSE
lists reply, i get a bounce since they are not subscribed to marxmail
yet marxmail was in the original recipient list and so is included in
a stock reply. (i trust i make myself perfectly clear??)

so if you are cross-posting to many lists, i'll leave you the
responsiblility of forwarding replies to this list yourself. but if
these replies are for the most part not relevant to marxmail
discussions, then you may want to consider why are you cross-posting
to this list in the first place.

les schaffer

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