Attacks on public education in NY

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Thu Feb 27 14:28:07 MST 2003

In NY, schools are actually considering shortening the
school week to four days in order to meet budget cuts
(see the article below). Elsewhere I've heard that
there are considerations around making one period a
day a "work" period where students do work around the
school in order to cut costs. And I thought the bully
who stole my lunch money was bad...

On the upside, I went to a rally at city hall
yesterday where over a thousand college students
loudly and energetically protested the cuts. It was
impressive for being called on such a short notice.
The composition of the rally was mostly students of
color-- the ones who will be most effected by the
budget cuts. Last time they raised the tuition at
state schools, 30,000 students had to drop out. These
attacks on public education are literally going to
kick thousands of poor youth of color out of school.
What Louis said a few weeks ago about Americans having
to radicalize purely out of economic necessity seems
to be true, though time will truely tell. But from
privatizing schools in Philly, to water in Atlanta,
the ruling class is infringing more and more on bare
basic needs of people.

And FYI, at the rally, the attacks on education were
connected to the war by almost every speaker.


Hijacking the Future

NY Times 2/27

After pretending for more than a year that the State
of New York was not experiencing a fiscal meltdown,
Gov. George Pataki is now waging an unconscionable
budget war against the public schools, which in many
parts of the state were already in desperate trouble.

The governor, never a champion of public education, is
attempting to shift much of his budget-balancing load
to the backpacks of the state's schoolchildren in the
form of cuts that would bring serious hardship to
classrooms from Staten Island to Buffalo.

Refusing at all costs to raise what he calls
"job-killing taxes," the governor has moved instead to
impose $1.24 billion worth of dream-killing cuts in
state aid to elementary and secondary schools. The
kids who would be hurt most by the cuts are those most
desperately in need of a quality education.

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