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Thu Feb 27 14:56:32 MST 2003

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[This piece responds to a call for day-of actions by
visibleresistance at, which can also be found on
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Please think about moving up your action to before the war starts.

Many, many Emergency Response Coalitions and Networks arose in the early
days (October-December, 2002) of this antiwar movement.

But, for many of us, responding to US escalation is no longer the point,
because we sense there is a real, if small, chance of stopping the
warmakers before they escalate to Shock and Awe (the "Hiroshima-like"
[US government description] bombing of Iraq and specifically Baghdad in
the first 48 hours of escalated war).

Therefore, all creators and members of Emergency Response Coalitions and
Networks are respectfully asked to consider invoking their responses
before the war escalates. For many of us, there is a wonderful "war
plan" sitting on the shelf, waiting to happen. When we put those plans
there, on the shelf, we did not imagine dusting them off for anything
less than the feared invasion of Iraq.

But now there is a reason to rethink. The reason is that the people of
the earth, all of them, the Venezuelans, the Koreans, the Turks,the
Brits, the Americans and more, have shoved the war drive sideways. We
all know this.

Now we need to stop the war drive in its tracks. This is an
international fight. The weakest link in the warmakers' chain is the
UK. Opposition to the war drive there is fierce. At least a million and
a half martched in London on Feb 15. Yesterday, Blair was shocked at the
size of revolt among his own party. British labor is solidly opposed to
this war. It is clear that the people of the UK are preparing to mount a
really big blow against their government's part in this war. So we must
pay attention to their struggle, and adjust our own a little (without
slowing it down) to multiply their strength with our own, whatever that
might mean, whatever occasion might occur.

We have to get used to the idea and reality of operating in real time on
the actual stage of history. We must be prepared to call gigantic
demonstrations on very short order, and to learn to communicate with our
forces smoothly, so that the masses clearly understand each call and why
it ought to be answered.

So let's get those plans off the shelf, dust them off, and see what can
be done in the next few weeks to stop this war. Let's be prepared to
amend them almost out of existence if necessary, so long as we mobilize
our forces in a timely, strategic and massive fashion.

In addition to what might need to be done in the next immediate period,
by which I mean the next few weeks, I would like to add my voice to the
proposal from Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director,The Shalom Center, for a day
of Honoring the Not-Yet-Dead of the Iraq War on April 4, the date of
King's assassination and the one-year anniversary of the delivery of his
famous Riverside Church anti-Vietnam War speech. While I think his
proposal is way too specific to be taken up by millions, and I hate the
idea of thousands of coffins, the general idea of honoring and listening
to, yet again, the voice of Dr. King and uniting with people of color
who will be the first victims of this war, is an excellent one and well
deserving of national attention, and somethng that would probably find
an audience in every city in America.

I can report that when antiwar forces united with the Martin Luther King
Celebration Committee forces to create a joint demonstration in Seattle
on MLK Day, the results were electrifying to all. Seattle would jump at
another chance to pummel that message home and solidify our burgeoning
alliance with people of color, with immigrants, with all the
oppressed. A Martin Luther King Peace Day might just be the thing to
bring us all--and I mean all--together for the next really big thing. So
let's get that or something very like that on the agenda of the March
8-9 meeting in DC.


David McDonald

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