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There is an M-60 machine gun firing a NATO round (.308 caliber in US
parlance) that is not longer issued but still deployed, especially as large
stocks of belted .308s are still available, and if locally used, then
Special Ops will use it. The main-stay SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is now
the Belgian made "minimi", firing a .233 caliber, or the same bullet as the

The smaller round was more desirable because it's cheaper to produce,
lighter to carry, and thus a GI can carry almost twice as many belts of this
stuff than the .308. Additionally, it  was realized that the larger round is
unnecessary as most fire fights are well within 100 meters the oppenents and
that their is tactical advantage to the larger bullet.

Both the M-79 (which was a breached loaded "shot gun thang") is hardly
deployed, at least I haven't seen it much used in the various magazines that
cover this stuff or in Janes. The M-40 is the over & under previously
described, both grenade launchers having a 40mm shell.

Everyone tries to use the USSR or Chinese made RPGs since they carry about 3
times the wallop of the M-40, and being RP, can shoot down nasties like
helicopters, the back of an army truck, the front of an army truck, a window
in a building, and so on. I've seen of regular news accounts US Special Ops
in Afghanistan carrying these suckers.

When the US starts really intervening with thousands of troops, you'll see
all this stuff and worse.


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