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> When the Timorese were pleading for foreign intervention, it was distasteful
> to see people opposing their pleas from the comfort of Sydney and Melbourne.
> Those who opposed the deployment of troops to East Timor would have more
> credibility if they opposed it while living in East Timor, facing impending
> annihilation by the TNI.  Then, their denunciations of "Australian
> imperialism" would sound convincing - as well as make memorable last words.

  I don't know much about the whole history of East Timor. So,
pardon any ignorance that may come out in the question I'm about
to ask. But, from the little I have read on the topic (in particular
from Chomsky, who appears to have researched well), the
impression I get is that there had been a virtual black out by the
bourgeois press in their reports about the atrocities committed in
East Timor  up until 1999. Am I right? If so, then the question
becomes: why all the attention in 1999?


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