CWU for action against the war

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Fri Feb 28 07:29:29 MST 2003

The Communications Workers Union is the British union
dealing with postworkers, telecom worers etc.

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill

Please post, reproduce and forward.

Today (Thursday, February 27th) Socialist Party member
Bernard Roome moved the following resolution at the
Communications Workers Union national committee, it
was carried unanimously:

"The CWU reconfirms its total opposition to the
impending war on Iraq and will campaign for all
members to take protest action on the day
that war is officially declared."

Please make sure all CWU members and other trade
unionists know about this, so they can make
appropriate local arrangements. It could be
used as a model, short resolution for other union
meetings. If your organisation passes anything similar
let me know and I'll pass on the

Keep up the pressure,


Dave Nellist

Cllr Dave Nellist
Leader, Socialist Group
Coventry City Council, Earl St
Coventry CV1 5RR 024 7683 3333
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