(fwd from Merlin Press) 101 Ways to Stop the War

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Feb 28 10:24:23 MST 2003

Dear Friends,

Given the urgency of the situation in Iraq, I have written an action
guide called

   "101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq"       http://www.earthfuture.com

It contains all the email and letter-writing addresses, peace movement
contacts, and everything that anyone could need to stop the US attempt
to force the world into a war that no-one wants.

It's on-line now, ready to jump in and use, at

Please send this out to all your friends, far and wide. The whole
world has to stand up, now.  We are millions. See

It's gone beyond a struggle for oil, weapons of mass destruction, or
supposed terrorist links.  It's now about just one thing: shall we
determine the fate of our world by dominance, or by cooperation?

This is the evolutionary choice that our planet faces in the next few

Do we continue to live by dominance and oppression, or do we chart a
path of cooperation that can lead us towards a peaceful, just,
sustainable, ecologically prosperous future?

If every one of us stands up, in one way or another, we can tip the balance.

Here are 101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq. Just choose five, and do
them, with all your heart.

With faith in our future on a beautful planet, in a beautiful universe,

Guy Dauncey
Victoria, B.C., Canada

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