the human equivalent of two drugs

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Feb 28 10:38:58 MST 2003

Sander Hicks wrote:
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> Friends, Comrades, Lovers of Truth-
> I am in a film about hype, cant, media spin and Presidential politics.
> It is reviewed in tomorrow's New York Times, and it opens this
> weekend at Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th Street. Please go see it this
> weekend. We kind of need your support, badly, now, here, this
> weekend, if the film is going to be shown anywhere else, ever again.
> Show times are: 1:15 3:05 7:20 and 9:25 PM
> You can get tickets in advance at

I plan to be at the 7:20 show myself. Hope to see other Marxmail
subscribers there as well!!!


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