Oderint dum metuant Re: State Department veteran's letter of resignation

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Feb 28 15:14:38 MST 2003

Thank you for this Yoshi.  Certainly a section of the Bush regime have
opted for fear and are more than prepared to accept the hatred that comes
with world domination.  But that takes them into the territory of power
without virtue as the Japanese comrades would put it.

In addition terrible pressure is place on key allies such as
Blair.  Australia's John Howard too must be getting very
uncomfortable.  For example the missile crisis has played out badly.  This
was seized upon by politicians and the media here as the long sought for
"trigger" for the war.

If Iraq had said no to destroying the missiles then the Bush team would
have screamed "justification".  However they have now declared that Iraq's
willingness to destroy the missiles is "a propaganda stunt".

BY any standards that is clumsy politics. The absolute crudity of the Bush
lot must be causing nightmares among the elites. Certainly if we should get
a negative vote at the UN, though on balance I still think that is
unlikely, then the political price for the war may well be the destruction
of Bush and hopefully John Howard.



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