Israel and the US War on Iraq: A Lethal Warning

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> I may be alone  on this list in recieving copious rightwing
> libertarian nonsense spam all day every day, but my experience
> simply makes a nonsense of his opening statement. This would not
> merit attention were it not for the fact the I am very uncomfortable
> when I find that the situation in Iraq lands with side by side with
> a number of anti-Zionists. I was not suggesting the author was one,
> and if he saw my comment and construed it that way I would fall
> over myself so reassure him that I meant nothing of the sort.
> I do, of course, stand by invoking Auschwitz vis anti-Semites.
> Paul

   I don't completely follow? Are you saying that people who voice
dissaproval of U.S. policy towards Iraq, and point to its zionist
connection, are antisemites?


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