Who the hell is Jack Duvall?

Jacob Levich jlevich at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 28 16:47:53 MST 2003

If anyone knows the real story behind Jack Duvall and his International
Center for Nonviolent Conflict, I'd be extremely grateful to hear it.

This guy, who purports to be some kind of pacifist, travels around the
world with a dog-and-pony show centering on movies he's produced called
"Bringing Down a Dictator" and "A Force More Powerful." His current
position on Iraq, which he is selling heavily to college and university
crowds, is that the peace movement has no right to oppose the invasion
unless it offers an alternative way of getting rid of Saddam. (His
suggestion -- don't laugh -- is that the Iraqi people should be encouraged
to rise up in a Gandhi-style nonviolent mass movement.)

So far as I can tell, he intervenes whenever the US wants to bring down a
government by military force, attempting to refocus any First World
opposition away from opposing imperialism and toward "bringing down
dictators by non violent means."

I suspect Jack Duvall is a fraud and possibly some kind of spook (see weird
career details below) whose aim is to divide the antiwar movement.

  The other day, unbidden, he sent a nasty little email screed to the
mailing list of the campus antiwar group I belong to. It attacked ANSWER as
a tool of Iraqi government propaganda. I won't bore you with further
details of the ensuing email exchange, but suffice it to say he seems on
the brink of achieving exactly what he desires -- driving a wedge between
campus pacifists and leftists. The students who had seen his very slick
presentation, it seems, were swept off their feet and reacted furiously to
our attempts to criticize him.

Turns out his background is very odd for a "pacifist."

He's a TV producer and PR flack, and a member of the Washington
establishment who:

* served in Air Force counterintelligence(!)
* worked in the Nixon White House
* wrote speeches for major-party Presidential campaigns, and
* raised money for warmaker Bill Clinton and Homeland Security architect
Gary Hart.

Moreover, Duvall is currently a director of a consulting business called
The Arlington Institute (http://www.arlingtoninstitute.org/), which does
weird "scenario building" for business and government clients. An excerpt
from their site:

"Some of our clients want to know about the future of their marketplace, or
a major contributing factor to their operating environment, like
technology. Others are concerned about possible big surprise events - wild
cards - that might blow in unexpectedly and fundamentally shift the status
quo. Perhaps your concern is a geographic area - like Africa, or you are
considering the purchase of a major asset and want to have a sense of what
might change the present situation that makes that a good decision -- all
of these are good candidates for scenario planning."

This suggests Arlington is in the business of helping its clients predict
and defend against political events and popular movements that might harm
their investments.

Most tellingly, here's a list of Arlington's clients:

U.S. Navy
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Coast Guard
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Andersen Consulting
New Directions for News
Project Voyager / OneCosmos

What kind of pacifist sits on the board of directors of a company that does
consulting work for the Department of Defense and four branches of the US

Again, if anyone knows the story behind this guy (or knows someone who
does) please send word fast. If someone could get a reading from Dellinger
that would be helpful -- I suspect his view would mean a lot to the
pacifist students.


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