Feds Fine Cyclist $8,305 For Vacation To Cuba

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Fri Feb 28 19:12:42 MST 2003

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Feds Fine Cyclist $8,305 For Vacation To Cuba

FEBRUARY 27, 2003 -- SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN)--Joan Slote, a 74-year-old
grandmother and senior Olympic cycling medallist, was issued a fine of
$8,305 for a recent cycling vacation to Cuba.

Not only is the Treasury Department fining her for the illegal trip to
Communist Cuba, but it notified her that it might start deducting the fine
and growing penalty for failed payment from her $1,200 monthly Social
Security check. Slote took a cycling tour of western Cuba with Worldwide
Adventures of Toronto, Canada, in 2000. She said she thought it was a legal

Allegedly Worldwide's brochure incorrectly states that U.S. law does not
prohibit U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba, provided they flying from Canada
or Mexico and not directly from a U.S. port. Most U.S. citizens are banned
from visiting Cuba no matter where they travel from.

The Bush administration vigorously defends the Cuba embargo, despite
congressional efforts to ease or lift it. The administration has increased
its efforts to fine U.S. citizens who violate the embargo.

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