Only 19 days till January 18 protest-- -NY infornation

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Wed Jan 1 10:34:57 MST 2003

On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 22:16, Fred Feldman wrote:
> Along with the January 13 protest against the bombing of Vieques and the
> February 15 national march, both in New York City, I believe that the
> January 18 march in Washington is one of the must-attend events of the
> antiwar fight.  I urge everyone to get their tickets now, and to get
> everyone they know to do so.

 Two national marches in less than a month. My two cents worth is that
we would have been better off with one, preferably on February 15, which
is the date for Europe-wide protests. The MLK holiday is ideal for local

  This is where the problem lies in the decision-making process with
ANSWER et al. We have no satisfactory mechanism for deciding these
things, and I fear that it is going to hurt us this time, if turnout

  Of course I have the personal problem of having to work weekends. But
I am not alone in this either.

Jon Flanders

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