a quibble was Re: The Forthcoming War and Public Opinion

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Jan 1 16:51:50 MST 2003

>Lou wrote:
> > Actually, you know, what you (Paul) are describing is not entirely a
> negative
> > development.  Maybe not even mostly negative.  It sounds like what you are
> > describing is a realization by the masses that we are in fact living under
> > the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

I too think this is a very important point.  Apathy is not support.  It is
a self defence mechanism of the powerless.

Margaret wrote

>An excellent point.  They DO realize it, though they would in no way call it
>that, and our perfect opportunity to drive a wedge between them and the
>ruling class, but we need to do so in their language, not ours.  We need to
>further their discontent at the same time fostering loyalty and trust in
>ourselves and our program.

I agree with much if not most of what Margaret wrote except for a quibble
about the above.  The aim of all our p[olitics is not to promote trust in
us and our program.  Rather we need to facilitate the process where the
workers trust themselves and construct their own program.  It is the
absence of that trust and the confidence it generates that leaves them
prone to apathy.  I often think the hardest thing for an isolated leftist
is to hold onto the notion of the emancipation of the working class being
the task of the working class.



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