a quibble was Re: The Forthcoming War and Public Opinion

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Wed Jan 1 18:43:39 MST 2003

Gary wrote:

> > I agree with much if not most of what Margaret wrote except for a
> about the above.  The aim of all our p[olitics is not to promote trust in
> us and our program.  Rather we need to facilitate the process where the
> workers trust themselves and construct their own program.  It is the
> absence of that trust and the confidence it generates that leaves them
> prone to apathy.  I often think the hardest thing for an isolated leftist
> is to hold onto the notion of the emancipation of the working class being
> the task of the working class.

This is more than a quibble, but a very important distinction.   I would
agree in part with what you have to say.  But I take issue with the word
"facilitate" which is a word I generally hate because it really is a PC kind
of word for "LEAD" that keeps everyone on an equal footing.  So if we change
your comment to suggest that our task is to provide leadership, then I would

Secondly, why are leftists "isolated?"  Could it be that the masses are
looking for leadership, and that the only people who have provided
leadership (certainly misdirected, but clear and unambiguous) are the people
in power right now.


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