New Year, New Address

Dan O'Coffey donaloc at
Thu Jan 2 04:58:47 MST 2003

I thank Ed George for his lengthy pieces which attempt to define Stalinism.
Also the discussion arising out of Mandel's recent comments was very
interesting. I also acknowledge the offlist mail received over the holidays.

My wife had a baby girl on the 28th December so I will be away for a few
more days. This is just to wish you all a happy and revolutionary 2003.
Let's hope the successes of 2002 are built upon and the threats converted
into opportunities.

I saw a nice Palestinian anti-war demo last night on euronews (website, it was in the 'no comment' section with no words but
really conveyed the total oppression and the unity of palestinians of all
religions against the aggressors. Our struggles are the same.

Beir Bua i 2003!


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