China Looming Large in South Korea As Biggest Player, Replacing the U.S.

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Fri Jan 3 11:44:35 MST 2003

(This article provides some important background to the fraying ties between
U.S. imperialism and the South Korean regime, Washington's creation and
longtime  protectorate.  It may also help explain why Washington appears to
be giving priority in its military planning today to more reliable and
dependent protectorates in Taiwan and the Philippines.
Fred Feldman

January 3 New York Times
By James Brooks
SEOUL, South Korea, Jan.2--Faced with a looming crisis over North Korea's
nuclear bomb program, South Korea sent an envoy today to its most important
economic partner: China.

The bland result was a one-line statement that the two sides had discussed
"common concerns on North Korea nuclear issues."

But South Korea's choice was telling.  Until a decade ago, South Korea had
no diplomatic relations with China, the godfather of North Korea. For all
security matters, South Korea turned first to its own godfather, the United

But just as billboards with South Korean corporate names now line now line
the highway from Beijing's international airport, a fundamental economic and
power shift is taking place in Northeast Asia, and not just the one
surrounding North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In 2001, for the first time, more Chinese-- 441,113--visited South Korea
than Americans.  That year, for the first time, South Koreans invested more
money, $830 million, in China than in the United States. In 2002, for the
first time in a century, China reasserted its historic role as the largest
trading partner for the Korean peninsula.

Displacing the United States as South Korea's largest trading partner,
China saw its two-way trade with South Korea jump by about 20 percent last
year, heading over the $100 billion mark.

(The complete article appears on page A22 of today's Times, did not appear
in any part of my online edition. I would appreciate anyone sending in the
site address when they find it.)

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