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Dear Sir, I am new mailing list member of Marxism. Why I am member of
Marxism? Lot of people generaly thing that I am rebel or
anti-government. I want them give them answer in my own way: I am
marxist-Socialist, Becuase I am Economist. After long and serious study
of Economics and its branches, I had find there is only speculations in
the theory of Economics, and whole Economic theory revolving around some
unneccessary things, like interest rates, Multiplier effect and Stock
Markets. The Modern Econimic theory is unable to solve the serious
problems of menkind like Unemployment, Poverty, Unjustice and
inequality. Therefore I found Marxism-Socialism is the best way to solve
the problems of Menkind facing today.  Answer of other part is "If our
governments are doing right things then I am with them, and if our
governments are fail to provide us our basic rights then I am not with
them".  Conclusion: If we study writings of Marx-Engles seriuosly then
we fnd that Marxism theories are the best theories in the Economic
Thoughts. The Modern Economics theories only fullfiling the needs of
Capitalist and Its Counterparts.

Long Live Socialism.

Long Live Communism

Long Live Socialism

Yours truly,

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