New Book -- David Riazanov's Writings on Marx and Engels on Russia

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List members may be interested in this new book

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Just published is the first publication in English of D B Riazanov's essays
'Marx and Anglo-Russian Relations', 'Marx and Engels on the Polish Question'
and 'Marx and Engels and the Baltic Question'.

David Riazanov (1870-1938) was the founder of the Institute of
Marxism-Leninism in Moscow and one of Russia's greatest Marxist scholars. He
examines with an appreciative but critical eye the work of Marx and Engels
on the problems of Eastern Europe, pointing out their differences and
changes of view, and taking issue with some of their conclusions.

The book is published by Francis Boutle Publishers (in association with
'Revolutionary History'). The translation is by Brian Pearce and has a
Foreword by Al Richardson.

It is priced at (pounds sterling) £10.00 plus postage and packing of UK
£1.00, Europe £1.90, USA and Canada £3.35 air mail. Other countries £3.60
air mail. Surface mail outside Europe £1.80.

To order by credit card please send 2 e mails -- the first with half the
digits, the second with the remaining digits plus the expiry date to Barry
Buitekant at barry.buitekant at To pay by other methods please
e-mail Barry Buitekant for details.

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