Jon Flanders' comments on January 18 demonstration

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Sat Jan 4 08:54:58 MST 2003


  We are not going to get too far with the discussion if we are going to
construct straw-men like....

 >Basically you have written off  Iraq.  You have concluded that we can't stop the war,
> and that Iraq is as  good as conquered now, so there is no sense in "unrealistically"
>acting as > if we could do anything about it; we should just go on about our business of
> movement-building, and plan ahead for the days of occupation.

  I have done no such thing. It is entirely possible that a
constellation of anti-war forces across the world may make the attack
impossible. But we are in the United States, discussing what to do next.
I do conclude that we should not base our actions on the "this will stop
the war" mode of thinking.

  As for " detached calculation", I hope some people are doing it. I can
assure you that the Bush regime is. I thought his press conference on
the ranch was quite masterful. His "war is the last resort" jive was an
eerie echo of LBJ's "we seek no wider war" line during the 1964
campaign. Meanwhile, as Daniel Ellsberg explains in his new book
"Secrets", which I urge everyone to read, his administration was
planning a massive escalation to begin after the election.

  I am simply arguing that given what I am seeing on the ground, local
actions on MLK weekend and a national action on February 15 make more
sense to me. We all have to decide how to expend such energy and time
that we have. You have made your decision. I have made mine.

  I am further making the point that in the future I hope for a better
decision making process on dates and tempo of actions.

  The call for a January 18 action is a fact. I hope that for all our
sakes that it is successful.

 Jon Flanders

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