January 18 demonstrations

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 4 09:50:58 MST 2003

>From here in Cuba it's hard for me to
comprehend people in the United States
who are whining against the January 18
protests. Sure, we have demonstrations
nearly every week and it's government
policy to encourage and support such
protests. After all, there's a hell
of a lot of injustice out there and
not enough being done to stop it.

Those who don't like the constellation
of forces who are coming together for
January 18th have a couple of choices:

Build your own demonstration and stop
trying to obstruct the one which is
going on, or simply put your gripes
against those who are leading the
action aside for a short moment and
come to this one.

Frankly, all the rest is nothing but
left-wing redbaiting as far as I'm
concerned. And if one has nothing
positive, construction or action-
oriented to say about how to stand
up and speak out against the Iraq
invasion, it's better to not to
say anything at all.

Walter Lippmann

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