Dutch SP leader scores well in newspaper survey

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at wolmail.nl
Sat Jan 4 12:49:31 MST 2003

A special survey of the Telegraaf newspaper (31 December 2002) showed
disappointing results for Liberal Party leader Zalm and Labour Party leader
Wouter Bos, who were both overshadowed by the success of Balkenende
(Christian Democrats) and Jan Marijnissen (Socialist Party).

"Wouter Bos is nice to go on holiday with, and Femke Halsema (leader of the
Green Left Party) can meantime look after the houseplants. But if it is a
question of trustworthiness and expertise, both of these young party leaders
don't score well", according to De Telegraaf.

De Telegraaf also surveyed which of the politicians speak the clearest
language. "This honour goes to Socialist Party leader Marijnissen, who
deserves the title of clearest speaker. Zalm and Halsema use very woolly
language, and in fact many liberals and Green Left supporters prefer the
clear texts of Marijnissen", according to the newspaper survey.

Some 59,1 percent of respondents said yes to the question whether the
Socialist Party leader is a politician capable of making decisions, whereas
less than half of the respondents said the same of Balkenende, Halsema en

According to respondents Marijnissen has both feet on the ground and scores
highest of all party leaders in response to the question of whether he is a
"social" politician.

39 percent of respondents saw Marijnissen as a "charming" politician. Only
in this area - and in response to the question of who would look after the
houseplants best in the holidays - Green Left leader Halsema scored higher.
63 percent of respondents consider Marijnissen sympathetic, 58 percent
consider him capable and 60 percent trustworthy.

De Telegraaf stated "Nearly 30 percent of respondents favour a centre-Left
cabinet involving the Christian democrats, Labour Party and Socialist Party.
However, some 39 percent of voters have not yet made a definitive choice
about who they are going to vote for on 22 January".

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