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Sat Jan 4 13:08:02 MST 2003

Alec Grange wrote: > <snip> > > As for anti-war?  I find it difficult to
get excited about Saddam Hussein and care little what happens to him and
his clique and cannot therefore support anti-war protests.  > I find
this attitude unbelievable coming from anybody purporting to be a
socialist. If anything socialists are internationalists and do care
about what happens to the ordinary people in other countries. And it is
precisely the ordinary people of Iraq who are going to be the victims of
the the war being prepared by Bush and Blair.

In addition any war provides an opportunity for capitalist governments
to turn the screw on all opposition within their own countries and try
to whip up jingoism. so any war perpetrated by our rulers is of interest
to socialists even if we ignore the international implications, because
our own skins are on the line.

Another aspect that is of relevance to socialists in the countries
organising the war - unlimited sums are being and will continue to be
found to finance ever-increasing military expenditure, while everywhere
welfare provision, health care, education and just about every gain ever
won by the working class movement is being chopped and cut to pieces
because there is apparently not enough money to finance such things.

Anybody who shrugs his shoulders and says a war in iraq is of no interst
to him just because he dislikes Iraq's leaders (which I suspect all
subscribers to this list do) has no right to call himself a socialist.

Einde O'Callaghan

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