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Sat Jan 4 13:10:27 MST 2003

- About 10,000 signatures against Dutch involvement in a possible war with
Iraq have been delivered to the government. The signatures were collected in
the last few months by the Platform against the New War, a coalition in
which the SP is represented. Consistent with the style of weapons
inspections in Iraq, the platform will soon carry out a "citizens
inspection" at Volkel airbase, where American nuclear weapons are sited.

- The SP is holding a national reporting week where travellers can phone in
or email their views about the performance of the (semi-privatised,
corporatised) National Railways. The Railways have booked a lot of
complaints about its services since the government privatised the management
of the railways. The action will be staged 6-10 january under the auspices
of the campaign "Take back the trains".

- visits to the SP website have increased threefold in the last year. The
number of visits rose from 1700 to 6000 per day. In total some 10 million
pages were requested from the SP site in 2002. The frequency of visits has
increased by fourteen times since 1999.

- On 5 january the Big Party SP-new years festivities are being held in
Tilburg. Various party personalities and artists are featured in a programme
of debates, cabaret and music. Tickets are free or show your party card.

- recently it was argued in The Financial Times that the Socialist party is
conservative, because it sought to revive a bygone age. "Nonsense", replies
Ronald van Raak (SP Research Institute) in an opinion article. "The core SP
concepts of human dignity, social equality and social solidarity are
irreconcilable with a return to the past."

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