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> Question: Is it appropriate to allow speakers from:
> 1. Religious institutions engaged in the sanctioning and masking of rape
> child molestation?
> 2. Representatives of the 2 established parties responsible for
> the state apparatus?
> 3. Former chief law enforcement officers of the bourgeois order?
> Just asking.

For who to allow them where?  For a communist party, at an internal meeting
of Communists?  It's doubtful.  For an anti-war coalition, at a massive
public rally, in the current political situation, in which unity is of
paramount importance?  Of course.  And now I have a question or ten for you.
Would you like to bar all Catholics from anti-war events, or just all
priests?  Would you like to bar all African-American Democrats, or all
officeholders, or do you only draw the line at members of Congress?  Why do
you think "purity of podium" is more important than building the movement?
If we could "disallow" everyone from the speakers' list who has ever been
associated with the institutions of bourgeois rule and social control, who
will be left?  If all of those speakers then subsequently appear in a purely
liberal coalition without our participation, whose coalition will be more
successful, and will you have isolated them or yourself?  Isn't your
readiness to treat Bishop Gumbleton as the equivalent of Cardinal Law, and
Cynthia McKinney as the equivalent of Al Gore, a sign of some kind of
complete breakdown of dialectical understanding on your part?  What was your
chronological age when you rejected the idea of the united front?  Your
mental age?  What is it now?  Just asking,

Lou Paulsen

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