The Fourth International (Usec) rediscovers imperialism, after riding the "globalisation" tide for a while

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Sat Jan 4 13:42:11 MST 2003

Imperialism in the 21st Century, by Claudio Katz (Izquierda economist,
University of Buenos Aires)

The renewal of interest in the study of imperialism has changed the debate
on globalisation, previously centred exclusively on the critique of
neo-liberalism and on the new features of globalisation.

A concept developed by the main Marxist theorists of the 20th century -
which enjoyed a wide diffusion in the 1970s - has again attracted the
attention of analysts because of the aggravation of the social crisis of the
Third World, the multiplication of armed conflicts and the deadly
competition among countries.

The notion of imperialism conceptualises two types of problem: on the one
hand, the relations of domination in operation between the capitalists of
the centre and the peoples of the periphery and on the other the links which
prevail between the great imperialist powers at each stage of capitalism.
What is the contemporary relevance of this theory? To what extent can it
contribute towards clarifying contemporary reality?


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