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Yesterday 2 people were killed, BOTH Chavez
supporters, NOT opposition. This is why this won't be
commented too much on national media. AND NONE have
commented that they were Chavez supporters. I learned
it through 'the underground.' We'll see what the
media, sold out to the USA, will say.

Last April, there were many deaths during the coup,
but more than half were Chavez supporters, and this is
NEVER mentioned. That means that it was NOT Chavistas
shooting at the opposition. And if the media tought it
was even a tiny possibility that the dead had been
shot by their own group, then it would be posted all
over the country, everywhere!

I have heard a calling to protest against the media
through graffitti in Caracas, including contests to
see who can do the best ones. I always loved the
graffitti in New York.

Vanessa from Maracaibo, Vzla

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