Jon Flanders' comments on January 18 demonstration

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Sat Jan 4 14:02:10 MST 2003

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Regarding obliteration: What they, they being the US military acting
at the behest of oil bourgeoisie INTEND has little enough to do with
what will actually happen.

I'm sure that the enlightened bourgeoisie of the world did not intend
for the GDP of Russia to decline by 50 percent, for the
life-expectancy to drop to 3rd world levels, when the "free-market"
finally had its revenge on 1917.  But that's what happened; that's
what was inevitable.

Even moreso in armed conflict.  Baghdad will be most definitely
obliterated, the lives of its inhabitants permanently maimed.

Regarding "first steps," I remember these same arguments during the
Vietnam War, the necessity of the"broadest base," low, if not lowest,
common denominator, attracting the support of establish officials and
personalities (i.e. John Lindsay), opening the platform to reformers,
etc.  Some us argued that do that would doom the movement to
irrelevance as, by actions then, there was no inherent linkage between
capital, class, and imperialist war.

We were right.

David Schanoes

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