Jon Flanders' comments on January 18 demonstration

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> Regarding obliteration:  What they, they being the US military acting at
> behest of oil bourgeoisie INTEND has little enough to do with what will
> actually happen.
> I'm sure that the enlightened bourgeoisie of the world did not intend for
> the GDP of Russia to decline by 50 percent, for the life-expectancy to
> to 3rd world levels, when the "free-market" finally had its revenge on
> But that's what happened; that's what was inevitable.
> Even moreso in armed conflict.  Baghdad will be most definitely
> the lives of its inhabitants permanently maimed.
> Regarding "first steps," I remember these same arguments during the
> War, the necessity of the"broadest base,"  low, if not lowest, common
> denominator, attracting the support of establish officials and
> (i.e. John Lindsay), opening the platform to reformers, etc.  Some us
> that do that would doom the movement to irrelevance as, by actions then,
> there was no inherent linkage between capital, class, and imperialist war.
> We were right.
> David Schanoes

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