Building a broad mass movement

David Schanoes dmsch at
Sat Jan 4 14:05:30 MST 2003

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Not to put to fine a point on it, but same old same old.  Heard it all 30
years ago about broad based mass movements, etc.  And what you are proposing
is specifically NOT a united front which is formed on a class basis but a
popular front, which in history has only led to  the defeat of revolutionary
movements,i.e Spain, France; dissipation of  radical movements, i.e. US
anti-war/black liberation movements; and/or the consolidation and stability
of the status quo, i.e Nicaragua under the Sandanistas.

Believe the linkage to be established is that this war is the natural
product, is inherent, in the organization of capital, defeat of one implies
the overthrow of the other.

Or... to be more democratic about it.... I would b e less suspicious of
former cops, clerics, congresspeople, if they or anybody on the speakers'
rostrum will forthrightly advocate the defeat of the US/UK when it invades

By the way, will you advocate that?  IF so, I nominate you to speak in DC.


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