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First, I refer the honorable gentleman to my previous response to Mr.

And further, in no particular order, I hope:


I am not an advocate of purity; I am advocating that those organizations who
proclaim to be avowedly Marxist, and send their cadres forward to create
mass organizations, maintain their Marxism and linking their mass work to
the class division of society.  So if WWP wants to do the grunt work for
ANSWER, and that's a good thing, then it should be forthright as to WHY it
is doing it.  HOW it came to that position.  WHAT the path forward is.

2. Not Catholics, only institutional representatives of Catholicism and only
from the speakers' rostrum.  They are of course welcome to attend as rank
and file.  I don't see the advantage to the radical project by having
clerics lead us in spiritual opposition to capital but material allegiance
to the denigration of women.  Maybe you do, but you'd  be wrong.  I direct
you to the dissolution of the anti-war movement of the 60s and 70s.

3.Not all African American Democrats, just institutional representatives,
and only from the speakers' rostrum, unless of course such speakers are
prepared to indict their own party equally and resign from the party while
speaking.  Refer the honorable gentleman to the disorganizing efforts of
Jesse Jackson during the anti-war/civil rights movement of the 60s/70s.

4.  I don't know what scale you are using to measure "dialectical
understanding," a total misapprehension of historical materialism if ever
there was one, substituting epistemology, which Marx absolutely demolished,
for program and practice, but I do know a popular front when I see smell
hear one.

5. If they ain't allied with Law and Gore, let them quit the Institutions of
Law and Gore that created the conditions of misery we now battle.  IF they
can't, let them speak somewhere else.

6. My mental age?  Old enough to remember the failures of the past and the
fuzzy thinking you now attempt recirculate as dialectical analysis. Old
enought to know more and young enough to care.

Just answering.

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