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Sat Jan 4 14:10:50 MST 2003

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I don't know you, so I should be hesitant to attribute your remarks to
typical British imperial insularity, shallowness, and arrogance, but the
truth is, that's the only description that is appropriate to your ignorant
comment on Iraq.

Nobody cares about Sadam Hussein and his clique, except of course Sadam and
his clique.  The driving force of this war is capital, the rate of profit,
the predicament of both as reflected and concentrated in the predicament of
the oil bourgeoisie.  It's just that simple.

Perhaps Britain's previous imperial occupation of Iraq is unknown or
irrelevant to you, which of course would be a confirmation of my description
above of your remarks.

Now with Blair acting as Bush's chihuahu you can pretend to cynical
neutrality, as the lap-dog left of the UK did in the Malvinas war, or you
can argue that defeatism is not only the less evil but the best course.

So I put it to you, when the US/UK BP/Shell/Exxon/Imperial Oil group
launches this war, will you forthrightly state:  The defeat of the UK and US
is the lesser evil?

Better to be insulted than insular

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