Building a broad mass movement

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Sat Jan 4 14:11:28 MST 2003

--- Walter Lippmann <walterlx at> wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation. I'd not heard of this guy.
> You neglected to mention who advocated that this
> fascist speak, who supported such an idea or who
> opposed and what the discussion was. It's really
> not possible to imagine that someone at a political
> meeting of NION, ANSWER or any other major
> anti-war group could say such a thing.

Because it's irrelevant to the question at hand. For all I know the
only ones to ask that he be allowed were the NA themselves.

Should he have been allowed to speak, in the interest of having as
broad a movement as possible? Should the NA be permitted to participate
in pro-Palestine activities? Atlanta Palestine Solidarity, a group I'm
heavily involved in, does not permit such a thing. Should we change our
stance, to make sure we're as "broad" as possible?

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