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Sat Jan 4 14:32:07 MST 2003

--- Walter Lippmann <walterlx at> wrote:
> So no one in the meeting suggested that
> the fascist speak except the fascist? It's
> obvious that that would narrow, not make
> the event broader. Looks like you've just
> answered the question. Thanks kindly.
> Were a fascist to speak, no one else would.
> The question you asked, then, is not serious.
> This isn't politics. These are politricks!

Ah, so you're just interested in playing the numbers, than?

If so-and-so spoke, would it bring more people or scare more people

So I assume, by your comments, you would side with NION when they
decided not to play Mumia's speech (this really DID happen). After all,
it's more important to keep the liberals there than piss off the
radicals (which it did).

I think there we disagree. Numbers aren't everything.

> Posing the question this way is yet another
> way of ducking the need to mobilize support
> for and participation in the January 18, 2003
> protests against Washington's Iraq invasion
> called by International ANSWER.
> For details on this please see:

Repeating this accusation makes it no more true; I am actually quite
active with the IAC branch here, and am helping to organize buses. I
also helped out with October 26 and April 20.

Please, if you're going to comment on what I write, comment on what I
*write*, and not your interpretation of what I write.


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