Building a broad mass movement

David Schanoes dmsch at
Sat Jan 4 13:41:52 MST 2003


I don't know how much in agreement with me  you are.  I was just responding
to the fact that you replied with a reasoned analysis, not an ideological
position.  In which case, disagreements are more than welcome, they are

I think compromise is esssential within a certain framework, as do we all.
The question is the framework. My suspicions would be much allayed if even
one speaker took the revolutionary defeatist approach.  But that won't
happen because we, or they, don't want to scare away their liberal
supporters.  OK, so their position is that we don't argue the revolutionary
program now, even as one of many democratically presented views.  And that
says all you need to know about the popular front.

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