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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Jan 4 15:43:05 MST 2003

At 04:41  4/01/03 +0000, Alec wrote:

>As for anti-war?  I find it difficult to get excited about Saddam Hussein
>and care little what happens to him and his clique and cannot therefore
>support anti-war protests.

Alec by the time the USA gets around to attacking someone you do care
about, presuming there is such a person, then it will be too late.

Besides think who is going to be killed in this war.  The people of Iraq
live under a dictator for that they will be bombed - a dictator btw who was
once the darling of the USA.

Now apart from common humanity the reason why you should oppose the war is
that it is the beginning of the construction of a brutal imperium - the
logic of the New World Order which the Bush family are anxious to see on Earth.



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