Building a broad mass movement

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sat Jan 4 16:39:40 MST 2003

Inviting Pierce or not must be judged solely on the basis of the question
of whether or not it would advance building a "broad movement." I agree
with Walter: at this stage, our focus should be on building an independent,
mass-based movement, not only because that is the surest path to stopping
Bush's war, but because it is the arena in which further deepening of
awareness regarding our social order will take place. It is no accident
that the movement against the war in Vietnam drew on the earlier -- and
mass-based -- civil rights movement, nor that the anti-war movement fed the
deepening women's movement. In response to that earlier writer's questions,
by narrowing the podium to those who adhere to your "purity of principles"
(and who makes THAT decision, by the way?), you certainly don't counter the
Catholic church's or the bourgeois parties' crimes. Instead, you divide the
movement, leave control in the hands of the bourgeoisie. In fact, you
prevent the deepening of discussion of those crimes and the gestation of
forces that can definitively challenge them. You -- as Lou pointed out --
isolate yourself from the movement, leaving potential allies to the tender
mercies of Democrats, Republicans, Catholic hierarchs and other bourgeois
ideologues. Remember, too, that inviting a diverse array of speakers --
including those we might see as class enemies -- to the podium on the basis
of opposition to imperialist war does not imply acceptance of their stands
on other issues.


At 03:58 PM 1/4/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>William Pierce was leader of the National Alliance, the main fascist
>organization in the US these days. In recent months the NA has been
>trying to pass themselves off as "pro-Palestinian" to try and pass off
>their own anti-semitic views.
>So I'll ask again--should he have been allowed to speak on April 20th?
>How many of your principles are you willing to "compromise" away?
>This is what I mean when I talk about a "broad movement" versus a
>"principled movement."

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