Norman Mailer angry at Bush for war in Iraq

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Sat Jan 4 23:06:05 MST 2003

Frankfurt - The American writer Norman Mailer ("The Naked and the Dead") has
heavily criticised the American government and the Iraq policy of president
Bush in an interview with German television.

"We need imagery of 'enemies' in America - and Bush is so successful because
Saddam is such a perfect enemy", according to Mailer. He said Iraq is an
"easy" enemy for Bush: "small enough and at the same time big enough to be
proclaimed evil."

Mailer is angry and worries about his country. He would never trust anybody
like Bush, who in 5 minutes uses the word "evil" ten times. Says Mailer: "A
man like him is not concerned with fighting evil, but to get power over you.
I am so afraid for war because Americans are so enthusiastic about going to

According to Mailer, the United States aren't responding to terrorism, but
create the phenomenon themselves with their own behaviour.

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