Cynthia McKinne=Al Gore?????

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Sat Jan 4 23:39:40 MST 2003

--- "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at> wrote:
> Posed on this level of abstraction the answer to your question is not
> "yes.". Electoral questions are, by their very nature, tactical.
> Denuded of
> the actual political situation, no tactical approach is possible.
> But looked at concretely, ¿Was campaigning for McKinney against the
> Democrat-Republican-Zionist cabal to drive her out of Congress for
> opposing
> the war on terrorism etc., the same as campaigning for the
> continuation of
> the Clinton regime under new management?

And the answer is...essentially "yes."

Had McKinney been re-elected, what would have changed? Not a damn
thing. Not even close to a damn thing. In fact, she was in Congress for
what, ten years? Can you honestly say that anything will be remarkably
different with her out of office? I can't see how.

So you campaign for Clinton, you get more of the same. You campaign for
McKinney you get....more of the same. So the results are essentially

> The real question to be asked is not *whether* McKinney should have
> been
> supported but *how.* I do not know of anyone on the left who lives in
> this
> district in the Atlanta metro area who didn't make it a point to go
> out and
> vote for McKinney in that primary.

Jose, I simply do NOT buy the idea of doing something just because
"everybody else is doing it."

> And the idea that there is a
> difference
> between voting and campaigning is an artificial one that does not
> stand
> cursory examination.

Au contraire. You're telling me that there's no difference spending 0.5
seconds (2 seconds if you're a slow reader) checking the "McKinney" box
on the electronic ballot and spending six hours on a Saturday calling
people up to remind them that McKinney voted for the "war on
terrorism?" (Note: Cold callers *were* told to include that in the

That is NOT an artificial difference, by any stretch of the

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