Cynthia McKinne=Al Gore?????

David Schanoes dmsch at
Sun Jan 5 11:36:01 MST 2003

> Posed on this level of abstraction the answer to your question is not
> "yes.". Electoral questions are, by their very nature, tactical. Denuded
> the actual political situation, no tactical approach is possible.
> But looked at concretely, ¿Was campaigning for McKinney against the
> Democrat-Republican-Zionist cabal to drive her out of Congress for
> the war on terrorism etc., the same as campaigning for the continuation of
> the Clinton regime under new management?


The issue is never tactics, tactic sare an abstraction.

Tactics have meaning as part of a strategy.... so if your strategy was to
have left wing Democrats in Congress to take morally correct materially
meaningless positions against Bush, go right ahead and campaign for

But if your strategy is to break the stranglehold of the two parties, the
two bourgeis parties on the panorama of political activity, then you, we,
everybody missed a wonderful tactical opportunity to do that, not by
supporting McKinney as a Democratic but by using the situation to heighten
the need for independent class based organizations.

This is not an abstraction.  As an example on a much more critical, fateful,
strategic level, during the attempted and finally successfual overthrows of
Allende in Chile, what needed to be done?  Support for the existing popular
front government on its terms with its organization?  Or actions in defense
of the workers organizations against the military  and ACTIONS THAT WOULD
SHOW HOW THOSE TWO THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME,     I.E. distribution of arms to
workers groups, formations of workers militias, etc. exactly the things
Allende, the Socialists, AND the CP did not do.

Yes, it's an extreme example but I believe applicable.

For a revolutionist organization, the issues that propelled the GOP and the
DEMS to attack McKinney should have been made the focus, and McKinney should
have been invited to state if she would leave the Democratic Party over
those issues.

The goal is not pluralism, it is independent class activity.

How do we do that?  Take the first step.  Defense of an individual is not
endorsement of the organization.  If the KKK shows up outside the black
congressional caucus, we show up to attack the KKK, not to endorse African
American Democrats.

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